Who We Are?

    Eurasia Global Trading Co. has been established by a group of Iraqi engineers in Baghdad aiming to supply production firms in the country with their needed supplies. Since then, very young and small production firms in Iraq have been got mature and fruitful especially in the recent years thanks to the more stable situations in recent years which has been resulted in the rise of demands and consumption throughout the country. Eurasia Global Trading Co. mission is to offer the right material for the Iraqi factories.

    Focusing in the needed raw material in the food and textile industries, thanks to our experienced technical staff and engineers who are completely familiar with the technical requirements of industries in Iraq and sale staff who are working in this field for years and very well aware of the market atmosphere in the country.

    We are also active in the field of industrial equipment supply including the needed machinery for the packaging, food industry, metal working machine tools, plastic machinery etc. Our engineers are being known for providing right technical recommendations and consults as well as successful installation and commissioning of machines and equipment with help of suppliers.



    Raw Material:
    -    Supply of raw material for food and textile factories.
    -    Providing technical consults for the clients.
    -     Marketing and distribution of related foreign company’s products in the promising Iraqi market.
    -    Providing foreign commerce services and logistics for Iraqi companies to facilitate their material acquisition. 

    Industrial Equipment:
    -    Recommendation of the right equipment or machineries for Iraqi factories in different industrial sectors.
    -    Offering related solutions for equipment supply of new production lines, production expansions and automations.
    -    Import and logistics of the equipment.
    -    Installation and technical trainings for some of the machines like machine tools and packaging machines.